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2024 Summer Swimming Lessons

     Online Sign-up Begins April 15th!



                                          Session 1:  June 3rd-June 14th  SOLD OUT

                             Session 2:  June 17th-June 28th SOLD OUT                     



  • ALL Session Lessons: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for two weeks.

       No lessons on Thursdays because the pool is closed for cleaning.


  • COST: Session 1 & 2 (30 minute classes – 2 weeks) - $60.00 per child,                                                 $65.00 with swimming after lessons

  • TIME:  Both Sessions – 2 Classes are offered: 9am-9:30am or 9:40am-10:10am


  • If a student is under 3 years old, a parent is required to be in the water with student during class. Students 3 & under are required to take the Parent/Tot class.  


  • During lessons, no one is allowed in the pool unless you are in a swimming lesson. You may relax in the therapy pool between 9am and 10am for a special price of $5.00 each. This price will allow you to have unlimited swimming in pools all day after lessons are over.

  • Make checks out to Sand Dunes Recreation. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early on the first day of lessons to check-in and complete payment

  • Once you have submitted your registration, your information will be sent to our lesson director Anna.   She will contact you by email ( to finalize details.  


Parent/Tot Class

Getting comfortable in the water.  If a student is 3 or under, a parent

is required to be in the water with student during class.  3 & Under are 

required to take parent/tot class.  


Level 1- Water Exploration

Submerge face for 3 seconds

10 Chest Deep Bounces

Front Float- Supported

Back Float- Supported

Bubble Blowing

Water Entry and Exit

5 Yard Walk

Supported Kick on Front

Supported Kick on Back

Introduce Alternating Arms

Level 2- Primary Skills

Submerge Head for 3 Seconds

Retrieve Objects from Bottom

Explore the Deep (Supported)

Front Float 5 Seconds Independently

Back Float 5 Seconds Independently

Bob 10 Times

Independent Entry and Exit

Flutter Kick on Front

Flutter Kick on Back

Back Crawl (arms only)

Combination Stroke on Front (5 yards)

Combination Stroke on Back (5 yards)

Turn from Front to Back

Turn from Back to Front


Level 3- Stroke Readiness

Retrieve Object- Chest Deep

15 Bobs- Focus on Breathing

Bob- Water Over Head

Dive From Knees

Front Glide

Glide on Back

Front Crawl 10 yards

Back Crawl 10 yards

Elementary Backstroke 10 yards

Reverse Direction Swimming, Front and B

Tread Water  


Level 4- Stroke Development

Bobbing Deep

Rotary Breathing

Standing Front Dive

Sculling on Back

Front Crawl 25 Yards

Back Crawl 25 Yards

Breaststroke Kick

Scissor Kick

Tread Water 90 seconds


Level 5-Stroke Refinement

Alternating Breathing

Standing Dive off Board

Breaststroke 10 yards

Underwater Swim 3 yards

Elementary Backstroke 25 yards

Dolphin Kick 10 yards

Front Crawl 50 yards

Back Crawl 50 yards

Wall turn

Tread water 2 minutes


Level 6- Stroke proficiency

Front Crawl 100 yards

Back Crawl 100 yards

Breaststroke 25 yards

Butterfly 10 yards

Flip Turn

Tread Water 3 minutes










2024 Signups Begin April 15th- Sold Out

Thank you for your sign-up! Our lesson director will be in touch to confirm soon!

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